Stashing contest !

Stashpix: find and leave behind photos wherever you go. As we like to say: “The possibilities are endless — do something creative!”

So, we’re trying something creative ourselves. If you create or contribute to a stash in one of the 6 categories below, you might win a $25 iTunes gift card. We’ll be picking a winner from each category at the end of September, and we’ll post the results right here on our blog.

Because Stashpix doesn’t require logging in or creating an account, you’ll have to let us know if you want your stash considered for the contest. Just email support @ and briefly describe your stash and its location.

So, have fun creating or contributing to one or more of the stash ideas below. And if you’re a fan, please help spread the word!

1. Multi-course meal in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco.

2. Self portrait, anywhere. Remember you can create the self portrait stash – or if you happen to run into an existing self portrait stash, just add your own picture.

3. Drinking beer in Amsterdam during IBC. Stashpix has roots in the visual effects and TVC community. This one is for you guys and gals!

4. An unusual item for sale on a store shelf, anywhere.

5. Live band performance in London.

6. Wildcard, anywhere. Stash something amazing. We have more ideas here, or come up with your own.

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