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Stashpix screenshotThanks for checking out Stashpix. We plan to use this blog and our twitter account @stashpix to discuss the app, answer questions, get your feedback, and keep you posted on our progress, plans, and even pitfalls.

So, with this first post, we’d like to explain a bit more about Stashpix than we have already on stashpix.com.

Stashpix lets you “find and leave behind photos wherever you go”. It’s truly a simple as that. Just launch Stashpix and any nearby stashes will appear on your screen. Nearby means about 100 meters, and a stash is simply a named collection of one or more pictures. There might not be nearby stashes, especially in the beginning, so you will always encounter a special “stash of the day” from somewhere in the world to get a glimpse of the possibilities.

To make things even more interesting, if you create or contribute to a stash, you will be able to see updates to that stash from anywhere – as well as delete your own photos. But, you always have to be nearby to add more photos or create new stashes.

In case you missed it on stasphix.com, we want to repeat an important concept here: Stashpix doesn’t care who you are or who your friends are. You don’t check-in. It’s not a social network. It’s just a fun way to find and leave behind photos wherever you go!

But, why would you want to view or create stashes of pictures that can only be viewed in a specific location ? Well… that’s partially a question for you to answer. Be creative! We can’t wait to see what you come up with, but here are a few suggestions:

Stash a few pictures from your next night out. A stash can document something specific, like “Marks Birthday 2011″ or “The Bears win the Superbowl!”. Or it can be generic, like “Drinking at the pub” intended to continue growing over the future days, months, or years.

Document a celebrity sighting (but please don’t be a paparazzi)

Random. Feel like stashing a picture of something interesting, but can’t decide what to call the stash ? Call it “random”. If a “random” stash already exists nearby, simply add to it.

Promote your band or comedy act. If your band plays every Thursday at the local bar, snap a picture of your flyer and a few from your latest performance. Maybe then some Wednesday-regulars will come check you out on a Thursday.

Stash THINGS (not just people). Is a prominent building being torn down ? Hurry up and stash it, so future Stashpix users can enjoy seeing it after it’s gone. Live in an area where the seasons change ? Go back and stash the same picture throughout the seasons. Does the artwork hanging at your local cafe change regularly ? Maintain a stash documenting the changes.

Food Pics. Are you a foodie ? Create a food stash at your favorite restaurant. Before long, the entire menu will be documented.

Virtually Geocache. Are you into Geocaching ? Try thinking of Stashpix as a virtual geocache or create a stash near your physical geocache as a clue.

Flirt. Flash a smile… and your email address if you dare! (we don’t recommend you use your real email address for this).

????? The rest if up to you. Have you thought of a fun use that we haven’t ? Email us and we might share it here on our blog and on @stashpix

Any and all questions are welcome at feedback@stashpix.com or support@stashpix.com

Thanks !


Stashpix is inherently NOT private. Photos posted on Stashpix can be seen within 100 meters by anyone and from anywhere by Stashpix users who have created or contributed to the stash. Therefore, consider your privacy (and the privacy of others) when uploading photos. It’s best to use Stashpix in public places. You probably don’t want to stash photos of your home and belongings. We won’t stop you, but please use common sense.

Your phone can be specially blocked from using Stashpix, and we will exercise this option and/or delete your photos if they are inappropriate or violate the privacy of others.

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