Introducing Stashpix 2.0

Stashpix 2.0 is now available on the app store for FREE.

Stashpix lets you find and leave behind photos wherever you go. Instead of broadcasting them to your friends far and wide, they are left for others to discover only when they are near the stash – at the moment or in the future.

Based on feedback from users, Stashpix 2.0 introduces several new features to enhance this unique experience.

In addition to showing the stashes at your location, Stashpix now shows you the distance and direction to the 10 next-nearest stashes. So, you’ll always be able to find the stashes closest to you.

Second, stashes you have created can be viewed on a world map, in addition to a list view, allowing you to view their contents and remember your travels.

Finally, you can now add pictures to stashes you’ve created even after you’ve left the location, for 7 days. This way, you can make a stash in-the-moment, then curate it later, and/or add images from your DSLR.

In a world full of photo sharing apps, Stashpix offers a truly unique experience. If you’re not already a Stashpix user, visit and be sure to watch the short animated video that explains the core philosophy of the app.

As always, we welcome feedback at

Stashpix 2.0 screenshot 1

Stashpix 2.0 screenshot 2

Stashpix 2.0 screenshot 3

Stashpix 2.0 screenshot 4

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