Stashpix launch

CHICAGO, IL, July 27, 2011 – Stashpix LLC announces the availability of Stashpix, a unique location-based photo-sharing app for iPhone.

Stashpix lets people find and leave behind stashes of photos wherever they go. The photos can only be found by people who are within 100 meters of the stash, which is a new way to look at photo sharing. Instead of being broadcast to the world, stashed pictures are left behind to be enjoyed only by those who cross the same path – now or in the future.

People who are put off by check-in apps and who are wary of maintaining yet another social network will enjoy the fact that Stashpix requires neither of those things. It doesn’t care who you are or who your friends are. You don’t check in or even log in, and it doesn’t spam everyone you know with your “status.” You simply leave your photographic mark all over the world, while discovering those of others.

While many apps are mining as much personal information as possible and becoming increasingly complex, Stashpix is refreshingly simple and non-intrusive. And yet its uses are endless: record annual trips to a favorite vacation spot year after year; document potentially historic events; leave self portraits all over town; document a night out or a celebrity sighting; create a stash of food pics at a restaurant; flirt; promote a band; leave clues about an upcoming event; create a scavenger hunt or virtual geocache… the creative possibilities abound.

Additionally, users can delete their own photos and monitor stashes they’ve created or contributed to, even when they are no longer nearby. One could stash a self portrait at a Paris cafe while on vacation, and subsequently watch from home as cafe visitors add their own pictures through the years.

Early App Store reviews show strong support for this new twist on photo sharing:

“This is a great little app. The idea of storing pictures at a specific location is very cool. You can create a visual history of [a] place easily. It has great potential.”

“In an app world with overly complicated social media overtones Stashpix is a fun app that doesn’t try to do to[o] much. It’s like the old bulletin board in the neighborhood bar that people left goofy photos on. I can see a lot of potential here. I’m enjoying creating stashes at all my favorite joints. It will be fun to watch others add their own. Nice Job.”

Stashpix is the first product released by Stashpix LLC, founded in 2010. Stashpix LLC is a California company with co-founders located in Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL.


Mark Dascoli
twitter: @stashpix